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Research has found the primary causes of derailment in executives involve three main deficits in emotional competence: difficulty in handling change, inability to work well in a team, and poor interpersonal relations.

The Perils of Modern Employment

Interpersonal conflict, the struggle to attain professional goals, feelings of unfulfillment and distress, not to mention the constant undercurrent of stress that cuts through daily life: these are a few of the difficulties that plague the modern employee. Whether you manage an office, an empire, or your own career, the emotional toll can be the same.

It Doesn't Have to be This Way

You have the potential for personal and professional fulfillment and we can deliver it through our seminars, workshops and onsite training. With the right techniques and understanding, any abrasive interactions and possible conflicts can be alleviated. You'll learn how to better communicate with others—and with yourself. You can achieve your potential, attain your goals, and most importantly, find happiness and satisfaction.

In the professional world, without the proper skills, coaching and training it's unreasonable to expect immediate success. The same holds true in life.

That's Where We Come In

Carlos Raposo is a Success Strategist, Executive Coach and Certified Emotional Intelligence Development Specialist. He is the President and founder of Resource, llc and Carlos Raposo Seminars & Training- a leading provider of comprehensive workplace solutions.

A highly sought after national speaker and master trainer for more than 15 years, as former CEO of a ground-breaking healthcare monitoring company, he brings real-world insight and experience to each seminar. Today he coaches and trains leaders and managers in business, healthcare, finance and education, as well as entrepreneurs and franchise owners all over the U.S. to liberate talent and harness the power of emotional intelligence.


Carlos builds leadership into every level of an organization. His innovative, passionate techniques and his magnetic ability to reach people ensure that his efforts have impact (TESTIMONIALS) long after the event itself has ended. In addition to his ground-breaking Seminars & Training, his exclusive Executive Access™ and Manager Assist™ programs provide on going one-on-one guidance to ensure success no matter what the obstacle.

Schedule permitting, Carlos is also available for keynotes, annual conventions and conferences. He'll even help clients create unique events suited to their individual specifications. No matter what the format, the results are always inspirational, entertaining, relevant and transformative.



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Some past clients include Department of Justice/ Federal Bureau of Prisons, executives, managers and employees of: USPS, Department of Health-FL, Cigna Group, USDA-fsa, Fred Pryor Seminars, Comcast, State Farm, SkillPath Seminars, Career Track, TransUnion, BCBS-IL, Wal-Mart, World Finance, Graceland College Center for Professional Development, Bay Medical, Regal Entertainment Group, Bell South, Local Governments and Municipalities, First National Bank, Wellness Centers, Chevron, Park University Enterprises, Alternative Care Concepts, MRI Services, Avon, Medical Centers & Clinics, Ar. Builders, Insight Direct, Planning & Zoning Departments, Allied Waste, Rentex, SSB, Resource, HR Managers, Coalition for Kids, WM Physicians Group, MaidPro, Bandit Lites, Regional Eye, China Kitchens, Medical Action, MTR Property Management, Y.M.C.A., Nationwide, Vision Homes, M. College, Associated Bank, Great Big Pictures and Dental Associates, American Association of Orthodontics, United Cerebral Palsy, Social Security Administration, VA Hospital, YGT State University, US Bankruptcy Court, Liberty Mutual, First National Bank, FM Global, UMASS Medical.