What really is the emotional experience of your company™?

Imagine having a coaching tool so powerful that your customers, your employees, your prospects, truly understand your brand, your leadership impact, your culture and feel good about the emotions that are evoked when dealing with your company.

My name is Carlos Raposo and for years, I have been documenting excellence in hundreds upon hundreds of seminar rooms all over the country. Now, I would like you to invite me to do it right at the source... your company’s core.


This is what I mean. With my new innovative visual coaching tool, we can document:

  • The excellence of an emerging leader with the New Self Awareness of ... “I am able to be effective, I can really lead.”

  • The excellence of your employees seizing a chance to collaborate instead of avoiding the opportunity and even each other.

  • The excellence of vibrant, dynamic teams responding to a new communication climate that breathes life into a culture. Witness first hand as they are driven by something greater than themselves to achieve something extraordinary.

    Let the story of your company and its people be told in a way that truly captures what’s at the heart of your company... the core and re- ignites the vision of your future success realized.

    Let others know how much you care about their success not just by telling them, but by showing and sharing their best self through your lens, their lens and my lens.

    Let my Dynamic Video Productions™ re.Engage your workforce at a new level and create a Culture of Excellence.