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How can you maximize your employees’ performance? By assessing their strengths and liberating their abilities. The right training can build teamwork, boost efficiency and drive results. We can help you start succeeding now.


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These are solutions based programs designed to provide maximum learning. You'll experience a carefully designed combination of: Informative presentation, experiential exercises, self-discovery activities, dynamic role-play, group discussion and expert coaching feedback. These are stimulating, enlightening & powerful training session, guaranteed to promote involvement, active learning and change.


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On-Site Training

In on-site training, we tackle problems, overcome obstacles and improve outcomes right at the source—your employment environment. We bring our expertise to you, to handle change, improve interpersonal communication, and boost performance. And we'll even pay for lunch.

Topics include:

  • Work/Life Balance
  • The Leader in You
  • Creating Win/Win
  • Moments of Excellence
  • The Extraordinary Manager
  • Managing Emotions at Work
  • Working with Emotional Intelligence
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Coaching and Team Building Skills
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Branding Your Customer Experience
  • Enhancing Established Teams
  • Stopping Negativity in the Workplace
  • Communicating with Tact and Skill

We'll also develop custom solutions to fit your particular needs and the goals of your organization.

myQ™ Comprehensive

We've taken the guesswork out of character assessments by selecting the best assessments for the three areas most likely to impact your team’s success: Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence and Stress Resiliency.
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On-Site Coaching

Employment paradigms are shifting. Coaching is part of the new performance-led culture of employment that’s eclipsing the traditional model of job security. As the new wave of training, coaching offers an effective mechanism for enabling an organization to meet competitive pressures, plan for succession and bring about change.

Coaching comes to the rescue:

During times of organizational change: The potential turmoil of layoffs, cut backs and resulting restructuring can be eased through coaching by facilitating significant shifts in employees’ attitudes and behaviors.

When you’re facing changes in job role: As more professionals explore new career directions, coaching can help individuals who are moving to a new job requiring different skills and abilities.

Whether you’re looking to reenergize your organization or your own career, On-Site coaching from Carlos Raposo will

  • Improve productivity, quality, customer service and shareholder value
  • Increase employee commitment and satisfaction, which can lead to improved retention
  • Help employees cope with new responsibilities and sort out personal issues
  • Support other training and development initiatives
  • Teach self-sufficiency
  • Improve managerial and interpersonal skills
  • Teach employees how to identify and act on development needs
  • Positively impact on performance
  • Enable self-awareness and new perspectives
  • Impart new skills and abilities and greater adaptability to change
  • Reduce stress levels

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