My Q Comprehensive

“… for the three areas most likely to hinder or enable your success.“

-Carlos Raposo

Know your Limits. Achieve your Goals. Realize your Potential.

We've taken the guesswork out of character assessments. By selecting the best assessments for the three areas most likely to hinder or enable your success, we've created the ultimate self-discovery tool: the myQ Personal Assessment Kit.

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myQ comprehensive package helps you identify your strengths, weaknesses and unique personal style by offering a complete picture of your Conflict Resolution style, Emotional Intelligence and Stress Resiliency, How do you handle challenges? How do you react to stress? How do you manage emotions? The answers to these questions can unlock your true potential.

Managers: Administer myQ and develop a complete picture of your team members to better engineer the right groups, challenges and support systems to ensure your organization's success. Your myQ™ kit includes:

Conflict Resolution Style Assessment

Encountering conflicts is inevitable, but how you approach them can be strategically determined. Easy to administer, this self-scorable assessment is a key tool for individuals, managers and team leaders.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

How do you perceive, utilize, and manage emotions? The answers determine your ability to interact with others and achieve your goals on a personal and professional level. Includes assessment, Personal Summary Report and individual feedback session

Stress Resiliency Profile

Learn to identify, measure, manage and reduce critical stress factors that can diminish confidence and impact well being. This self-scoring evaluation analyzes stress resiliency