The Carlos Raposo Advantage

How do you build & sustain confidence? Become personally & professionally effective? Achieve & realize goals? Create & define your vision? Build & grow your business? Develop executive & leadership precision?

Our EXPERT COACHING gets you and KEEPS YOU THERE, Right from the start. Free Goals Analysis Session with Every Advantage Program! You need to establish your goals to achieve your dreams. This complementary one on one coaching session helps you to objectively evaluate your goals and aspirations, and then take steps to achieve them. We'll get you started on the way to success.

For Business, For Leadership And For Life

The Carlos Raposo Advantage is our unique, experiential coaching system designed with one mission in mind--to get you to the next level of your performance. The Carlos Raposo Advantage offers a sophisticated feedback system proven to enhance professional skills and interpersonal relationships. Unlike other coaching programs, we combine insightful self-discovery with rigorous Emotional Intelligence-building activities, ensuring trans formative results. CHOOSE A PROGRAM THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU:

E-Coaching Direct™

It's coaching at your fingertips. Access the expert coaching and insightful guidance of The Carlos Raposo Advantage™ any time, anywhere, with e-Coaching. An affordable, convenient alternative to traditional coaching, Carlos Raposo's e-Coaching system fits your schedule and your budget. Do you struggle with management strategy, leadership skills, career goals, personal direction and motivation? Harness the power of e-Coaching.

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Business Advantage

If you run a business and need practical, personalized strategies to grow and develop your business, Carlos Raposo can help. To get your business to the next level, tap into the Business Advantage.

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Leadership Advantage

Carlos Raposo's leadership and coaching program helps bring executive careers to the next level. Power yourself to success with Leadership Advantage.

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Personal Advantage

Thinking strategically in your personal life can make the difference between fulfillment and hopelessness. Get your life on track with Personal Advantage.

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Executive Access™

Wish you had 24/7 access to your own leadership guru? We understand that real emergencies aren't confined to bankers' hours. By availing of this exclusive service, you can benefit from ongoing contact with your certified personal advisor when you need us most. On the way to work, during a meeting, before a presentation, at the airport, from your home office. Unlimited calls. Includes e-coaching direct and your own private access, on a dedicated line.

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